What is the Daphnia Genomes Browser?

Daphnia pulex is an important model organism for studies in genetics, ecology and population genetics. A small freshwater crusteacean, D. pulex is globally-dispersed and reproduces both asexually, via parthenogenesis, and sexually, through meiosis.

The Daphnia genus contains other characterized species, including D. magna, D. obtusa, and D. pulicaria, a closely-related sister species of D. pulex that inhabits lakes.

The Daphnia Genomes Browser is intended to serve as the major online portal for accessing and viewing a wide range of genomic data generated for Daphnia species, especially D. pulex.

This includes the current genome assembly and gene annotation for D. pulex, but also for functional genomic (e.g. RNA-seq and TSS profiling) and population genomic data that is generated by the 5,000 Daphnia Genomes Project, which is led by Professor Michael Lynch, Ph.D. of Arizona State University.

The data generated for Daphnia Genomes Project were made possible by grant support from the National Institutes of Health NIGMS (IDs R01GM101672 and R35GM122566). We have recently updated to PA42.4 version!

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