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Matches on IV
T09A12.3 gene:Coding_transcript(T09A12.3) ocr-2 IV:8.214..8.22 Mbp (6.132 kbp) score=n/a
T09A12.2a gene:Coding_transcript(T09A12.2a) glutathione peroxidase IV:8.222..8.223 Mbp (837 bp) score=n/a
T09A12.2b gene:Coding_transcript(T09A12.2b) IV:8.222..8.223 Mbp (1.159 kbp) score=n/a
T09A12.5 gene:Coding_transcript(T09A12.5) IV:8.226..8.226 Mbp (594 bp) score=n/a
T09A12.4b gene:Coding_transcript(T09A12.4b) nhr-66 IV:8.227..8.229 Mbp (2.612 kbp) score=n/a
T09A12.4a gene:Coding_transcript(T09A12.4a) zinc finger protein nhr-66 IV:8.227..8.232 Mbp (4.955 kbp) score=n/a
T09A12.4d gene:Coding_transcript(T09A12.4d) nhr-66 IV:8.227..8.236 Mbp (9.308 kbp) score=n/a
T09A12.4c gene:Coding_transcript(T09A12.4c) nhr-66 IV:8.227..8.237 Mbp (9.835 kbp) score=n/a
T09A12.1 gene:Coding_transcript(T09A12.1) IV:8.244..8.246 Mbp (1.962 kbp) score=n/a

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