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Matches on III
Y111B2A.1 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.1) III:12.49..12.5 Mbp (2.715 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.2 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.2) III:12.5..12.5 Mbp (306 bp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.3 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.3) III:12.5..12.5 Mbp (2.479 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.4 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.4) III:12.5..12.51 Mbp (6.996 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.5a gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.5a) III:12.51..12.52 Mbp (7.412 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.26 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.26) III:12.52..12.53 Mbp (7.715 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.27 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.27) III:12.53..12.53 Mbp (1.918 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.8 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.8) III:12.54..12.55 Mbp (8.935 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.9b gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.9b) III:12.56..12.56 Mbp (3.116 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.9a gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.9a) III:12.56..12.58 Mbp (15.4 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.10b gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.10b) III:12.6..12.6 Mbp (1.723 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.10a gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.10a) zinc-finger protein III:12.6..12.6 Mbp (2.384 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.11 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.11) epc-1 III:12.6..12.61 Mbp (7.885 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.12 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.12) III:12.61..12.62 Mbp (8.633 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.28 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.28) III:12.62..12.62 Mbp (2.982 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.13 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.13) transcription initiation factor IIA gamma chain III:12.62..12.63 Mbp (814 bp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.14 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.14) pqn-80 III:12.63..12.65 Mbp (24.66 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.15 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.15) protein-tyrosine sulphotransferase tpst-1 III:12.65..12.66 Mbp (9.643 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.16 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.16) taf-7.2 III:12.67..12.67 Mbp (1.878 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.17 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.17) elpc-2 III:12.67..12.69 Mbp (12.48 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.18 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.18) splicing factor rsp-3 III:12.69..12.69 Mbp (890 bp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.19 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.19) III:12.69..12.7 Mbp (9.078 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.24 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.24) III:12.7..12.71 Mbp (5.72 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.20 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.20) III:12.71..12.71 Mbp (2.108 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.22 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.22) ssl-1 III:12.71..12.74 Mbp (29.34 kbp) score=n/a
Y111B2A.21 gene:Coding_transcript(Y111B2A.21) III:12.75..12.75 Mbp (1.158 kbp) score=n/a

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