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Legend: Blue:ORF, Gray:Updated 3'UTRome V3 dataset.

3'UTR mapped for C50F2.1

If available, we display here the 3'UTRs sequences we obtained by our analysis (in FASTA format). Putative canonical PAS sites, if found, are highlighted in yellow.

1 ID: 15995 - Tier: 2 - Name: C50F2.1 - Cosmid: C50F2.1 - WBGeneID: WBGene00016835 - Length: 64 - PAS: AATAAA
Cluster Coverage (%): 3 reads (100.00%)
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id Name Chr Strand Start End Length PAS Coverage
15995 C50F2.1 I - 3895271 3895334 64nt AATAAA (-17nt) 3 reads

This 3'UTR isoform has been detected in the following tissues:
UTRome v31 Intestine2 Pharynx2 Body Muscle2 Arcade cells2 GABA neurons2 NMDA neurons2 Hypodermis2 Seam cells2
1Murari et al., 2023
2Blazie et al., 2016 - Alternative polyadenylation directs tissue specific miRNA targeting in Caenorhabditis elegans somatic tissues. - under review (mixed stages & tissue-specific datasets)

Updated miRanda Targets for C50F2.1 (Murari et al., submitted)

C50F2.1 transcript has been predicted to be targeted by the following miRNAs:

ID miRNA Target Gene Score Energy % Binding (Target) % Binding (miRNA)
148093 cel-miR-8207-3p C50F2.1 161 -18.25 75.00 87.50
145861 cel-miR-8206-5p C50F2.1 150 -3.26 80.00 80.00
102643 cel-miR-4811-5p C50F2.1 147 -6.71 65.00 70.00


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