C50F2.10 | AntiBacterial Factor related 2

The abf-2 gene encodes an antimicrobial peptide that is homologous to antibacterial factor ASABF from Ascaris suum and closely related to ABF-1.

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3'UTR Zoom

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Legend: Blue:ORF, Gray:Updated 3'UTRome V3 dataset.

Operon Information

This gene is part of the operon CEOP1951 (I:3887273..3885549)
CEOP1951 contains 2 genes in the following order:
Blumenthal et al., Nature 417, 851-854
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3'UTR mapped for abf-2

If available, we display here the 3'UTRs sequences we obtained by our analysis (in FASTA format). Putative canonical PAS sites, if found, are highlighted in yellow.

1 ID: 17 - Tier: 1 - Name: abf-2 - Cosmid: C50F2.10 - WBGeneID: WBGene00000013 - Length: 85 - PAS: AATAAA
Cluster Coverage (%): 1134 reads (100.00%)
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id Name Chr Strand Start End Length PAS Coverage
17 abf-2 I - 3885548 3885631 85nt AATAAA (-22nt) 1134 reads

This 3'UTR isoform has been detected in the following tissues:
UTRome v31 Intestine2 Pharynx2 Body Muscle2 Arcade cells2 GABA neurons2 NMDA neurons2 Hypodermis2 Seam cells2
1Murari et al., 2023
2Blazie et al., 2016 - Alternative polyadenylation directs tissue specific miRNA targeting in Caenorhabditis elegans somatic tissues. - under review (mixed stages & tissue-specific datasets)
gcuuuauauauauuauacguuuuuuguauaaauuugugcacaauuuugauuuauuuauauuaaauaaauguuuuuuuccc ggca

Predicted or Experimental Interactors for abf-2 (WormBase)

abf-2 has been predicted to interact with the following genes (data from WS200):

  • abf-1 Lee I et al. (2008)
    The abf-1 gene encodes a homolog of the antibacterial factor ASABF from Ascaris suum; it is closely related to abf-2.


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