ZK770.1 | Acid-sensing/Amiloride-Sensitive Ion Channel family 1

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Legend: Blue:ORF, Gray:Updated 3'UTRome V3 dataset.

3'UTR mapped for asic-1

If available, we display here the 3'UTRs sequences we obtained by our analysis (in FASTA format). Putative canonical PAS sites, if found, are highlighted in yellow.

1 ID: 22503 - Tier: 1 - Name: asic-1 - Cosmid: ZK770.1 - WBGeneID: WBGene00022815 - Length: 38 - PAS: cgtaaa
Cluster Coverage (%): 191 reads (100.00%)
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id Name Chr Strand Start End Length PAS Coverage
22503 asic-1 I + 3773876 3773913 38nt cgtaaa (-20nt) 191 reads

This 3'UTR isoform has been detected in the following tissues:
UTRome v31 Intestine2 Pharynx2 Body Muscle2 Arcade cells2 GABA neurons2 NMDA neurons2 Hypodermis2 Seam cells2
1Murari et al., 2023
2Blazie et al., 2016 - Alternative polyadenylation directs tissue specific miRNA targeting in Caenorhabditis elegans somatic tissues. - under review (mixed stages & tissue-specific datasets)

Updated miRanda Targets for asic-1 (Murari et al., submitted)

asic-1 transcript has been predicted to be targeted by the following miRNAs:

ID miRNA Target Gene Score Energy % Binding (Target) % Binding (miRNA)
108366 cel-miR-4923a asic-1 140 -7.52 100.00 100.00


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